Thursday, July 28, 2011

Purpose Driven Play (Yun: Series 2; Entry 2)

Let's start with stating the obvious.  Super Street Fighter IV: AE is a game that is far easier to play while playing defensively as opposed to being forced into playing offensively.  Have you ever seen people play (especially on Xbox LIVE) that will be down on the life lead and suddenly start to run away and turtle?  Hopefully, you have the sense to look at the life bars and decide if you have to chase them down or will you win simply by doing nothing?  The sad part is, that many, many people will go in after these people and the person turtling is essentially racking up wins by doing nothing.  It is just too easy to get zoned out, anti-air'd, or punished for trying to move in on a defensive player.

Having said this, you can see why it is important to be in this "chasing situation" as little as possible.  The more times you have to get in on your opponent, the more the chances of you losing are.  If you plan to play as a character such as Yun, who has lower than average life, your execution needs to be on point!  Anytime, you connect an attack with your opponent you want to take that one hit and chain it into another hit for a hit confirm, link that hit confirm into a stronger move, and cancel that strong normal with a high damage output special move.  If you land a crouching jab on your opponent and simply mash jab until you push them out of range, you may get (let's just say) 3 jabs in.  That's 84 damage. If your average opponent has 1000 vitality, you will have to do that at least a dozen times.  Twelve times of  risking uppercuts, weaving through fireballs, etc. to not even take a tenth of your opponents health.  What if instead you land that crouching jab, chain to standing jab, link to crouching strong, link to standing strong, and cancel into medium Nishokyaku? 211 Damage.  With no EX meter spent, you just took more than a fifth of your opponents life with a combo starting off with a crouching jab. With one bar of EX you can instead end the combo with an EX Nishokyaku and juggle with a light Zesshou Hohou netting you 238 damage.  Now you are nearing the quarter mark of your enemy's life bar.  That's only a combo starting with a jab!

We've already had a post where I've listed some of the better combo's with Yun so I'm not going to go back into that, but you need to spend enough time in training mode such that when you are in a match and you need to make it count, you only have to get in on your opponent around 4 or 5 times.  There are a few keys to doing this successfully. One is your technical ability to pull of combos consistently. Practice this in training.  Secondly, make sure you know what are your options at any given moment and which move will give you the most damaging outcome. For example, if you land a cr.MP on your opponent it would be in your best interest not to simply follow it up with cr.HP for the cr.MP >> cr.HP target combo.  Instead, how about cr.MP->cr.MP->MP xx H Nishokyaku? Also very important, be able to recognize your hit confirms as quickly as possible.  I suggest going into training mode, access the training options, and set the dummy's to block randomly.  Now, dive kick or jump in on the dummy and start with your pokes.  If the dummy is blocking, recognize this before you are out of range and go into a command grab and get a combo for free.  If the dummy is not blocking, finish out your combo maximizing your damage.

The last thing to touch on regarding this issue is meter building and meter management.  Always be cognizant of your opponents and your own health bar, super meter, and ultra meter. If your enemy is running fairly low on life and expending some EX will polish off the round or match and you are running the risk of being ko'd by another combo or two, finish them off.  Otherwise, save the meter for your Genei Jin.  It should not be a hard task to consume about half of your opponents life with one Genei Jin combo (granted you don't activate it 5 or 6 hits into a combo).  Throw out your standing MP and buffer a light Tetsuzanko behind it. If the MP hits, the L Tetsuzanko is coming out and connecting and you should be able to cancel into Genei Jin.  Yun's Ultra of choice, Ultra 1 (You Hou), will do 375 damage with no follow up juggle, 479 if you juggle with a H Zesshou Hohou, and 536 damage if you juggle with EX Zesshou Hohou->EX Tetsuzanko.

With a Super Combo netting you between 400 and 600 damage (at least) and an Ultra Combo capable of 400 to 500, there is no excuse not to get the job done in only a few combos.  Watch any high level tournament match and more than likely you will see that no one is going to be able to allow their opponent to land more than half a dozen combos on them (that many if they are lucky).

In the next entry, I will discuss using the Genei Jin combo and maximizing damage.  This will include the best ways to combo into it, the most damaging attacks to do while in the Genei Jin, damage resets and other tricky ways to end it, and even how to pick it back up again if you drop the combo.  Also, I am going to include all the Ultra set ups that I currently know with Yun, including character specific combos, and just a heads up...I believe the current count is up to 18. And thats not recycling the same move that links or juggles to Ultra 1 with a different combo in front of it, that is 18 ways you can guarantee you land the Ultra all off of different moves, situations, etc.

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