Friday, July 22, 2011

Yun Video Recap (Series 1 Videos)

Here are two videos that showcase several of the important aspects of playing with Yun mentioned over the three last blogs on the subject. I made a very obvious note as to when I do something that I specifically mentioned in the blogs. One focuses more on building Super Meter while the other focuses on mixing up your opponent when your dive kicks are blocked and juggling specials with other specials. Enjoy!

Yun's first series of strategy blogs just kind of jumped right into the meat and potato's of the character with the assumption you already were familiar with how the character played and how best to utilize his normals.  Though I won't be reverting in the second series of Yun blogs, I may just want to reinforce our understanding of his unique normals and their purpose and get into specific properties of certain moves, so that we can move on to the more advanced things like resets, baiting your opponent, spacing and zoning, and really get a leg up on the rest of the Yun players out there.  Hope you are looking forward to it!

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