Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yun's Special Juggles (Yun: Series 1; Entry 2)

This is the second entry in my series sharing some basic knowledge about Yun in SSFIV:AE. The focus of this article is to point out all the special moves that will juggle off one another with Yun and by learning this, you will be sure to get the most damage out of all of your combos.

Let's start with the Tetsuzanko, or shoulder charge. Damage will be shown to the right in parentheses.

H Tetsuzanko->H Zesshou Hohou (270)
H Tetsuzanko->EX Tetsuzanko (290)
*Corner only H Tetsuzanko->Ultra 1 (440)
*Corner only H Tetsuzanko->Ultra 1->EX Tetsuzanko (489)

The Kobokushi, or Palm Strike, will primarily be limited to corner combos unless using the EX version.

*Corner only Kobokushi->L Zesshou Hohou (250)
*Corner only Kobokushi->H Nishokyaku (300)
*Corner only Kobokushi->EX Nishokyaku->EX Nishokyaku (340)
*Corner only Kobokushi->Ultra 1 (460)
*Corner only Kobokushi->Ultra 1->EX Tetsuzanko (508)
EX Kobokushi->L Tetsuzanko->H Zesshou Hohou (364)
*Near Corner EX Kobokushi->Ultra 1->EX Tetsuzanko (508)

How about Zesshou Hohou (which you can combo into the EX Version, see my previous entry)

EX Zesshou Hohou->L Zesshou Hohou (230)
EX Zesshou Hohou->Ultra 1->EX Tetsuzanko (488)
*In Corner EX Zesshou Hohou->EX Nishokyaku (240)

Finally, let's add in our Nishokyaku, Up Kicks, as its the primary combo ender.

2nd Hit of L Nishokyaku->L Zesshou Hohou (140)
2nd Hit of L Nishokyaku->Ultra 1->EX Tetsuzanko (398)
EX Nishokyaku->L Zesshou Hohou (190)
*Corner only EX Nishokyaku->EX Nishokyaku (200)
*Corner only EX Nishokyaku->Ultra 1->EX Tetsuzanko (448)

With there being so many, I surely have left some out and hope to keep everything updated.

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