Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yun's Key Combos (Yun: Series 1; Entry 1)

I'm going to make these next few entries kind of a series of entries to relay some basic Yun info.  It is just some common knowledge that I am sharing among friends, and by putting these things here, they will already be written down.

My first entry is simply going to be some of the more common combos I use and their variations depending on if you have or choose to expend EX meter or Ultra.

Key : Meterless; Requires EX; Requires Ultra and possibly EX Meter
Chain: -
Link: ->
Cancel: xx
L: Light
M: Medium
H: Heavy
EX: what do you think EX means?
cr.: crouching
j. jumping
f.: far standing
no prefix: either close standing or you will already be at the correct distance
B: Back; F: Forward; D: Down; U: Up

Here are some of my most commonly used combos:
cr.LP-LP->MP xx H Nishokyaku  (188)
cr.LP-LP->MP xx EX Nishokyaku->L Zesshou Hohou  (214)
*in corner cr.LP-LP-MP xx EX Nishokyaku->EX Nishokyaku  (220)
*in corner cr.LP-LP->MP xx EX Nishokyaku->Ultra 1(->EX Tetsuzanko)  (377)

cr.MP->MP xx H Nishokyaku  (232)
cr.MP->MP xx EX Zesshou Hohou->L Zesshou Hohou  (295)
cr.MP->MP xx EX Zesshou Hohou->Ultra 1(->EX Tetsuzanko)  (460)

cr.MP->cr.MP->MP xx H Nishokyaku  (258)
cr.MP->cr.MP->MP xx EX Nishokyaku->L Zesshou Hohou  (284)
*in corner cr.MP->cr.MP->MP xx EX Nishokyaku->EX Nishokyaku  (290)
*in corner cr.MP->cr.MP->MP xx EX Nishokyaku->Ultra1(->EX Tetsuzanko)  (447)

cr.MP->cr.MP->cr.MK xx M Zesshou Hohou  (245)
cr.MP->cr.MP->cr.MK xx EX Tetsuzanko  (273)

cr.LP-cr.LP-LP->MP xx M Nishokyaku  (189)
cr.LP-cr.LP-LP->MP-HP-B+HP  (179)
cr.LP-cr.LP-LP->MP xx EX Nishokyaku->L Zesshou Hohou  (216)

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