Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to Basics (Yun: Series 2; Entry 1)

For the first series I jumped right into Yun's Combos, be it meterless, EX, Super, or Ultra and also how is specials juggle among one another for monster damage and finally wrapped it all up in an entry regarding how to tie these aspects of Yun's offense together.  However, before I move any further into the more elaborate set ups and offensive pressure tactics I wanted to take a step back and really make sure we know when and why we are using certain normals.  This may seem like a particularly boring entry, but it will serve as the foundation for all the more complicated concepts we build on from here on out.

Yun's jab is going to be your best tool for starting combos and punishing blocks that leave themselves too wide open. Close standing LP and crouching LP both have 3 frame start ups (far standing starts up in 4 frames).  Not only do these attacks come out fast but they also chain into themselves and every other form of LP and LK.  Beware that even though you can chain into standing LK, LK will not chain into any other pokes.  Due to the speed at which they come out and the ability to chain, makes them perfect for poking and hit confirming into your basic combos (eg cr.LP-cr.LP-LP->MP xx M Nishokyaku).  Crouching LP is +2 on block and both standing versions are +3 on block, so these make ideal pokes to use for setting up tick throws.

The crouching LK serves all the same purposes as the LP.  Chainable, starts up in 4 frames, good for hit confirms, and are good for setting up tick throws.  The main advantage that crouching short has over crouching jab is you will open up more opponents to combos as it will connect on standing opponents due to the fact that it is a low hitting attack.  Force opponents to stand and block with the overhead (more later) then open them up for combos with cr.LK (eg. cr.LK-LP->MP xx H Nishokyaku).

Medium Punch is really the best poke in Yun's arsenal.  Crouching MP is going to be the version you want to use to for a somewhat rangey poke and it also links into Yun's more damaging Ultras. When poking with cr.MP be prepared to link into another (and sometimes two more) cr.MP then link to a standing MP and finish with the combo ender that best suits your needs. cr.MP->cr.MP->MP xx H Nishokyaku is great and also linking cr.MP to cr.MK before ending your combo with a M Zesshou Hohou or L Tetsuzanko can be a good idea.  You typically don't want to combo off of cr.MP as you can not link into L Tetsuzanko (and thus can't cancel it to Super) and trying to cancel into Nishokyaku often times leads to some unforeseen results because of the awkward angle you come flying upward at.

Standing MP is a phenomenal poke, and is great for fishing for a hit.  It has deceptive range as it moves you slightly forward as you attack.  Buffering HP behind your primary MP will allow you to start Yun's target combo (MP-HP-B+HP) and read the hit confirm to decide to stop the combo after the first HP if you are being blocked and you will remain relatively safe from punishment.  If it hits finish out the target combo with the back + HP and use this opportunity to cancel into Genei Jin Super Combo if you have it.

It is uncommon that you will land the close MK version during a match while not in Super Combo. However, if you do you can juggle into Ultra 1 for free or jump cancel which leads to a plethora of mix ups.  The standing far version works well as a selective anti-air from opponents jumping from too far away at you.  The far, standing version works well in a footsies role, to help keep the opponent out of your face but offers no further damage in the form of links or cancelling into specials.  The strength of this move lies in its crouching version.  Throw out the cr.MK just outside of its effective range and buffer a M Zesshou Hohou behind it for a quick 1,2 if it lands.

Yun's HP is limited in its usefulness while not in Genei Jin by only serving as a very useful poke in its far, standing form.  This is a strong, rangey poke for good damage and to maintain your spacing.

Standing HK is another good tool in Yun's footsies game.  It is far reaching, knocks down on hit, and gives Yun a little breathing room.  The crouching HK is a standard sweep and can set up some good safe jump scenarios (more later) but beware the opponents wake up time differs depending on if they are standing or crouching when you hit them.  Also, this version of the move has an incredibly long recovery period so if blocked, it is best to press HK again, to complete Yun's Target Combo (cr.HK>>HK) and hopefully not get punished.

Yun's overhead.  Safe on hit and block, however under normal conditions it does not offer to start nor extend any combos.  However, battering an opponent with several overheads in a row is a sure fire way to set them up to eat a combo that starts with a low poke (eg cr.LK).

A very strong poke that covers about half the screen, this is a great move as a surprise poke to knockdown your opponent and gain some ground in the zoning game.  Use it to punish moves that otherwise would be out of reach and use it against jump ins as it will cross under your opponent and Yun's hand furthest behind him will strike the airborne opponent, given the correct spacing.

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