Monday, July 18, 2011

Featured in SSFIV:AE OMGWTFLOLBBQ Moments Episode 4

DontTaseMeBro has been putting together some video montages of clips from Super Street Fighter IV:AE and other popular fighting games for sometime now.  He usually features outrageous, hilarious, intriguing, and often times just plain odd moments that have been recorded while playing.

His latest compilation video dropped today with your's truly being featured for the better part of a minute.  The clips of me consist of three of my signature 'Kanevo Cancels' , as they are now known as, and lastly an Ultra Combo set-up that no one would expect to be hit with.  I've embedded the video below. I make my appearance starting around 3:18. Or you can follow this link to jump right to my clip. Video quality is rather poor.

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