Monday, June 20, 2011

Been a long time...

With real life issues to deal with and the pending release of SSFIV Arcade Edition, I have paid absolutely 0 attention to my blog; both updating it and publicizing it. But now AE is out and I'm pumped and I have to put something new on here. Oh, be sure to check out my Cody Combo Video (just to the right --->) along with my (unedited & unfinished) SSFIV Balrog highlight reel!  In the meantime, how about my thoughts on AE? Sure...

Let's start with the rebalancing of the game from Super.  I love it. I love the tweaks they did to the characters and really closed the gap between the worst characters and the best characters.  Am I going to whine and cry about Yun, Yang, and Fei Long being incredibly awesome? Hell no. Some characters are always going to have advantages over others, or even most of the cast, it doesn't matter which way you cut it.  I personally like the challenge of having to step up my play to a higher level to beat someone.  It makes you a better player to take that approach. On a side note, I actually miss Sagat from vanilla SFIV (playing against him that is).  And in case you are wondering, no I'm not excited about the rebalancing because it benefits my character.  I'm a Balrog player and I've seen his Heavy Buffalo Head damage drop from 180 to 140 to, now, a whopping 100. Throw that in with damage scaling and the missed hits on his Ultra 1 when used to juggle an airborne opponent and you have one seriously piss poor combo. I'm not dropping him, though I am learning some new characters simply for fun but for a match that I NEED to win, Rog is still my guy.

Speaking of new characters, the four new ones in the game, Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu, Oni.....I love them all! They are all a blast to play with and for every pro there's a con and vice versa, yet all four are still competitive.  Oni plays in a manner such that he may have some difficulty closing in and hit confirming some combos, but to make up for it, he is a power house in the damage and stun department. One combo, with a reset, I came across adds up to just under 800 damage if the opponent does not block the reset properly. Here it is, I'll share with you what I found (j.HP-cr.MP -> B+MP-HP xx L Demon Slash xx FADC -> cr.MP -> B+MP-HP xx EX Demon Slash (the EX Demon Slash doesn't combo but it crosses up serving as our reset) -> Ultra 1. I'll try to put a clip on here for you guys.

 Yun & Yang, have had their fair share of the spotlight and you've probably seen just about everything you want to with them BUT... I couldn't help but put a vid of me linking Yang's standing LP into Ultra 1. Enjoy!

Moving on to Evil Ryu, some people call him a watered down version of Akuma.  Low vitality, big damage and stun, but he lacks the vortex Akuma has and isn't seen as a justifiable pick over Akuma.  But he is fun as hell to play!  The axe kick move is really what sets E. Ryu apart and gives him some unique (and damaging) combos.  For example: j.HK-cr.MP -> HP xx M Axe Kick -> cr.MP xx L Tatsu -> H Shoryuken.  Wow!

Anyways, not much else to speak of  at the moment. No new sticks, no game breaking strategy.  Oh, very likely I'll be featured in the next LOLWTFBBQURMOM videos posted by DOntTas3MeBro with the funny, weird, & cool moments in SSFIV:AE, MK9, & MVC3 videos. Watch for it, it should finally set in stone me coining the move the "Kanevo Cancel". pumped.

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