Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thoughts on Xbox Live matches vs. AiR

As promised, I am giving a brief summation of my thoughts on the matches (1 of which I have posted on my YouTube channel) I had against AiR. I played him a total of three times, winning one.  The first match was my first match of the day and it was around 7 AM EST before I went to work.  With a gamertag that didn't flat out indicate to me that this was indeed Air (aka Air Ryu) I thought it may just be another xbox live player. I was wrong. He was actually playing his Sagat and took me to the cleaners just using his fundamentals, spacing, and reading my attempts to get in on him.  This man has astounding footsies and zoning. I checked into his gamertag and realized that this was indeed Air Ryu but he just wasn't playing as his main.  The third bout and the one that I won, I felt I did so cleanly but certainly not easily.  Air is one hell of a player and I'd love to play his Ryu sometime.  Didn't get much out of him in the form of communication, not a gg, nothing.  Not a big deal but I wanted a shot to play him again sometime soon!

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