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You Hou & Genei Jin (Yun: Series 2; Entry 3)

Having put such an emphasis on minimizing the number of times you have to break through your opponents defense or stop their momentum and gain your own to land a combo, it's only natural that I spend a moment emphasizing the importance of Yun's Super Combo and Ultra 1.

If you simply watch the video below (note the order of Ultras in the video coincides in the order in which I have the set ups listed) and spend some time working on these in training mode you should have a grasp of how easy it is to land Yun's Ultra 1 (You Hou).  It is important to know that this Ultra Combo has a 9 frame start up and as such you can also punish moves that leave your opponent at -9 frames on block.  Don't forget that you can tack on a juggle or two as your You Hou is ending!

1) Close standing MK->Ultra 1
2) j.HP->Ultra 1
3) Very low hitting Dive Kick->Ultra 1
4) L Nishokyaku *2nd hit only->Ultra 1 (character specific combos for this set up later)
5) EX Zesshou Hohou->Ultra 1
6) M Tetsuzanko xx FCDC -> Ultra 1
7) L Tetsuzanko xx Genei Jin-> Ultra 1
8) EX Kobokushi xx FCDC->Ultra 1
9) *near corner EX Kobokushi->Ultra 1
10) Zenpou Tenshin->(walk forward a pixel) LP>>LK>>MP xx EX Zesshou Hohou->Ultra 1
      this can also be done with MP and in the corner does not require walking forward.
11) *corner Kobokushi->Ultra 1
12) *corner EX Nishokyaku->Ultra 1
13) *corner M or H Tetsuzanko->Ultra 1
14) *corner Target Combo MP>>HP>>Back + HP xx FA lvl 1 Dash Cancel->Ultra 1
15) *corner Far Standing HK->Ultra 1
16) *during Genei Jin: HP->Ultra 1 (Best done while Genei Jin timer runs out)
17) *during Genei Jin: (as a juggle) M Zesshou Hohou->Ultra 1
18) *during Genei Jin **in corner: M Tetsuzanko (as a mix-up on reset)->Ultra 1
19) *with back to the corner: Dakai (as anti-air; trade hits ok)->Ultra 1
20) *as anti-air Ultra 1

What is largely considered Yun's deadliest tool in his arsenal is his Genei Jin Super Combo. Coupled with the ability to quickly build Super Meter, it very well may be considered an oddity to lose a round in which you land a successful Genei Jin.

Before getting into the ways to start off the Genei Jin, what to do if you drop the combo, and the ideal attacks to use in this situation, let's take a moment to touch on damage scaling. In SSFIV:AE the damage done by each attack in a combo degrades as the nuber of attacks in a combo grow.  Your first two attacks deal 100% of their expected damage, the third attack doing 80%, and each subsequent attack dealing 10% less damage than the last with the scaling capping out at 10% damage from the 10th attack on.  The one exception being Ultra Combos and Focus Attacks counting as 2 attacks each in this regard. So it would seem opportune to cancel into your Genei Jin as early as possible in a combo.

There are a number of ways to combo into the Genei Jin.  Some of the more popular and most effective are listed here:

1) MP xx L Tetsuzanko xx Genei Jin->HK xx M Zesshou Hohou->...
     This is an ideal set up to use during your footsies game. Buffer the Tetsuzanko behind the MP and if you read a hit confirm activate super.  The opponent will still be grounded at this state and so after the screen returns to normal after fading dark for the Super activation, double tap or mash HK to launch your opponent and cancel into the M Zesshou Hohou as a follow up hit continuing the juggle and keeping you right along with them.

2) M or H Tetsuzanko xx Genei Jin ->M or H Zesshou Hohou->...
    This particular set up works well against projectile characters when you make a read on a fireball and counter them with a M or H Tetsuzanko.  You can buffer the motion for Super behind the Tetsuzanko and if it lands cancel into Super.  Your opponent will already be airborne and the Zesshou Hohou will continue the juggle and put you in position for you follow up hits.

3) MP>>HP>>Back +HP xx Genei Jin-> M Zesshou Hohou->...
     You are probably getting the idea now.  Plenty of time for a hit confirm with this set up and the opponent starts airborne.  Start off with the M Zesshou Hohou.

4) L Nishokyaku ->Genei Jin->LP->...
     Whether you hit the Nishokyaku at the end of a combo or as an anti-air this set up works the same way.  It is probably one of the easier to drop set ups as you have to activate the Genei Jin immediately upon recovering from the L Nishokyaku and then immediately catch your descending opponent with a poke (preferably LP) and then continue the juggle on from there.

5) Kobokushi xx Genei Jin->M Zesshou Hohou
    This may be one of the less likely set ups but if you are throwing out Kobokushi's, buffer your quarter circles behind it and you should be able to read a hit confirm and activate Super. As you may have guessed, follow up with a M Zesshou Hohou if you are at mid-screen if you are in the corner start with another Kobokushi.

I would suggest spending ample time in training working on not only the set ups for the Genei Jin, but also practice carrying your opponent from one side of the screen to the other while in a juggle. Also, practice capitalizing on damage while in the corner with your opponent juggled.  There are 3 attacks that you want to concentrate on using while juggling your opponent.  They are Yun's overhead (F + MK), Zesshou Hohou, and Kobokushi.  The Kobokushi deals 100 damage while in Genei Jin, the over head does 85, and the Zesshou Hohou only about 65 (unscaled).  While moving your opponent across the screen the M Zesshou Hohou will serve to push your opponent forward and also slightly upward setting up your next attacks, which mid-screen should primarily be Yun's overhead attack (2-3 reps at a time, use your best judgement) and while in the corner you should primarily be using Kobokushi's (1-2 reps at a time) closing the distance with the overhead and using Zesshou Hohou to lift your opponent back up higher into the air and to close in if you've pushed yourself too far away from the corner.  Mid screen you may occasionally push your opponent too far away by doing a M Zesshou Hohou followed by a Kobokushi.  In this case, use a H Tetsuzanko to close the gap quickly and launch your opponent back high into the air.  Practice makes perfect so spend plenty of time working on your juggles and be sure to do so against different characters as the difference in hit boxes can completely change how you need to juggle.

You should have no problem getting close to 450 damage from a Genei Jin activated mid screen and closer to 600 if activated in the corner.  You can see why you don't want to drop this combo (though there are some loops you can use on the ground. More on that later.).  However, if you ever do drop your Genei Jin it is possible, and surprisingly easy, to get back into the juggle.  Most opponents will be scared to death at the sight of Yun with his Super Combo activated and will attempt to turtle up.  Simply perform a command throw and upon landing link into a cr.MP followed immediately by a standing HK and cancel into a M Zesshou Hohou and you will be back in business!

If you are comfortable with everything we've talked to up to this point in time and you are carrying your weight in the execution department, then you should be excited about the next series of entries.  We are going to dig a little deeper into just what makes Yun such a scary character to play against.  Topics will include mix-ups, Genei Jin combo resets, option selects, frame traps, and everything else you need to have an incredibly strong foundation to continue to build your Yun on.

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