Sunday, September 11, 2011

Character Specific U1 Set Ups (Yun Series 3; Entry 1)

Ok, I know its been a long time since I've updated this so let's get right down to business.

One of Yun's less commonly used Ultra 1 set ups is connecting the second hit of his Light Nishokyaku (Up Kiicks) and then juggling the opponent with Ultra 1.  This is not seen as frequently as other set ups because it is usually by chance that you use a L Nishokyaku and happen to whiff the first hit and connect the second hit.  Well over the last little while I've spent a good amount of time in the training room trying to find character specific combos that will allow you to end the combo with a L Nishokyaku in a way such that only the second hit connects, thus allowing an Ultra 1 follow up.  Here's what I've found so far:

Abel: cr.MP->cr.MP xx L Nisho->U1
Balrog: cr.MP->cr.MP xx L Nisho->U1
Chun Li: cr.LK->LP xx L Nisho->U1
C. Viper: Zenpou Tenshin (command grab)->MP xx L Nisho->U1
Dudley: cr.MP->cr.LP xx L Nisho->U1
El Fuerte: cr.LK->LP xx L Nisho-> U1
Evil Ryu: cr.LK->LP xx L Nisho->U1
Fei Long: cr.LK->LP xx L Nisho->U1
Gen: cr.LK->LP xx L Nisho->U1
Guile: Zenpou Tenshin->cr.LK xx L Nisho->U1
Guy: cr.LK->LP xx L Nisho->U1
Ken: cr.LK->LP xx L Nisho->U1
M. Bison: cr.LK->LP xx L Nisho->U1
Rose: cr.LK->LP xx L Nisho->U1
Rufus: cr.MP->cr.LK xx L Nisho->U1
Ryu: cr.LK->LP xx L Nisho->U1 & cr.MP->LP xx L Nisho->U1
Sagat: *corner only cr.MP->cr.MP->LP xx L Nisho->U1
Sakura: cr.LK->LP xx L Nisho->U1
T. Hawk: cr.MP->cr.MP->LK xx L Nisho->U1 & Zenpou Tenshin->cr.MP->LK xx L Nisho->U1
Vega: Zenpou Tenshin->cr.LK xx L Nisho->U1

As of now, that is all I've found.  If you find set ups for the characters I have yet to find or find additional set ups for characters I do have currently listed, please email me at

I will continue to update this list as I find more over time, but hopefully this will get you started and you can maximize your damage output on some of these meterless combos I've listed above.

In the near future I will be adding the second entry into this third and final series on Yun and it will cover some good resets, frame traps, mix ups (especially on Genei Jin), and more.

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