Saturday, January 5, 2013

Balrog: Character Specific EX Dash Upper Quirks

I believe I am going to start using this blog as a supplement to my YouTube channel and videos.  I will further explain, dissect and discuss the mechanics behind how certain things work and just otherwise get into more detail than what is appropriate for the "Description" portion of a YouTube video.

This first subject may be a little backward as to the order I will normally do things.  That being said, when playing SSFIV:AE 2K12 with Balrog, EX Dash Upper is a very important tool that leads to big damage combos and many, very damaging Ultra 1 setups.  There is, however, one problem with the EX Dash Upper.... The amount of pushback caused from the move in addition to the different sizes of the characters does not always allow for Balrog to connect his "BnB" post EX Dash Upper Combo.  The combo I'm referring to is, of course, EX Dash Upper link to cr.LP link to cr.LK cancel to H Buffalo Head.  On certain characters the cr.LK will whiff and not only do you not extend your combo for max damage where you can potentially tack on an Ultra 1 juggle, but you usually get punished HARD for screwing this up.

Below is a list of known characters and scenarios where this occurs and an alternate link following the EX Dash Upper:

Character Name (Situation in which follow-up to EX Dash Upper whiffs): Alternate link 1; Alternate link 2

Balrog (Always): or cr.LK xx H Buffalo Head;>cr.MP xx H Buffalo Head

Dudley (Various normals): or cr.LK xx H Buffalo Head;>cr.MP xx H Buffalo Head

Guile (Always): or cr.LK xx H Buffalo Head;>cr.MP xx H Buffalo Head

Juri (Always): or cr.LK xx Buffalo Head;>cr.MP xx H Buffalo Head

Ken (While throwing Hadokens) : xx H Buffalo Head

Ryu (While throwing Hadokens): xx H Buffalo Head

Sagat (While throwing High Tiger Shots): or cr.LK xx H Buffalo Head;

More characters and scenarios will be added to this list as I have time to test them.

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